*Live * Dream * Laugh * Love *

Keep playing the music! Let it be from your heart! Keep playing and keep believing! Let it penetrate. It will penetrate. They will hear you if you never stop! 

Believing In You and All of Your Potential

Working with children reminds me so much of my childhood and growing up in MN.  As a child I dreamed of being successful in all areas of my life. In middle school I would sit by our creek and read my history book, wanting to be an A student, so I was. I wanted to be a better basketball player, so I shot 1,000’s of hoops over the summer and I went from an awkward 7th grader who barely got off the bench to Varsity in a year. I wanted to be a singer so I would spend hours, playing, singing and writing songs. I went to college, graduated with a Vocal Performance B.A. and I moved to Nashville. Yep, I’m a singer! However, I have fallen several times, I’ve said things I didn’t mean and I’ve hurt people I love. Somewhere along the line doubt started to creep in. I let countless opportunities pass by, only to be reminded later of the potential I held in the palm of my hands. Dreams came and dreams died. Have you ever felt this way? Let me tell you, it can be different. Believe it. Let me say that again, it can be different! The past is the past. Learn from it, make the necessary adjustments and let it go. 26 is going to be different. I believe it! 26, -26 lbs, +26.2 miles is just the beginning. Of course I am going to face opposition to my dreams and so will you, but that’s just part of life. Can’t you see? We are our own worst enemy. Get out of the way! God is bigger than the battles you face. Don’t limit your potential. Each day we wake, we have a choice. We can either let another day pass us by or we can push ourselves to a new level: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Hold on to hope, let faith be your action, love like crazy and never never give up on your dreams! Sorry I’m not sorry for the long rant <3